With less than two weeks to the start of the Startimes Uganda Premier League 2023/24 season round, head coach David Obua seems a happy man with the learning process of his players to his philosophy.

Since the first round climaxed about almost a month back, The Tax Collectors took only two days off before returning to training which has been intense with an idea to adapt and learn more about King David’s entertaining style of play.

In a recent interview with the club media team, Obua expressed profound gratitude for the remarkable progress witnessed as players embraced a rapid learning curve. The team’s dedication and resilience were highlighted as key factors contributing to their optimistic outlook as they head into the second round.

He also emphasized the significance of embracing challenges, noting how the players’ commitment to continuous improvement has been a driving force. Rapid learning has become a hallmark of their journey, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

As the team navigated the first round where he took charge of nine games winning thrice, drawing thrice and losing thrice, the gaffer commended the players for their adaptability and eagerness to absorb new strategies. The learning curve, though steep, became a catalyst for unity and strengthened the team’s cohesion.

The coach’s gratitude extended to the players’ receptiveness to feedback and their unwavering work ethic. The synergy between coaching staff and the players has fostered an environment where everyone is committed to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

Optimism radiates within the team as they look ahead to the second round. King David also spoke about the collective confidence that has emerged, fueled by the players’ newfound skills and the team’s ability to overcome challenges together.

The Tax Collectors who ended the first half of the season in 8th place on 21 points will kick off the second round with an away trip to Gaddafi FC on 2nd February 2024 after negotiating their Stanbic Uganda Cup R64 tie at Kumi United FC on 30th January 2024.

John Bugembe
January 24, 2024

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