Centre Back/Midfielder URA FC

Player Profile

Date of Birth April 25, 1995
Place of Birth Ibanda hospital
Height 145
Citizenship Ugandan

To understand what fear stands for, just remember the first moment you were told to do something that you had not done before. That feeling of embarrassment after being told to do something as a must – ever had it before?

Gil Eagles says, “If you want to succeed, you must be willing to feel embarrassed at some point.” and that is what defines URA FC’s defender Hudu Mulikyi.

Many players succeed without being put to test, but when extraordinary moments which test our courage come, some of us never manage to succeed but the other hand some do. The difference lies in managing to overcome that fear or not.

That is exactly what Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) FC defender Hudu Mulikyi endured to become one of the most sought after defenders in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League.

He shed tears the first day he was told to play in central defense, a position he had not played before. He was used to playing in the midfield and other more advanced positions.

‘You must first feel embarrassed to be successful to develop your potential.’ If we think better, it is very true because the first months Mulikyi was played in that new position, he really struggled.

However, by sticking in there, he started finding himself copping easily to the level of displacing competitors. It is an experience that came his way when Sam Ssimbwa was appointed URA FC head coach in 2018.