In the everyday growing Ugandan football, where players and coaches often steal the limelight, the story of Ronald Lugya, also known as “Senior,” stands as a testament to dedication and loyalty behind the scenes. Since 2006, Lugya has been the heart and soul of URA FC, serving as the club’s kits manager and contributing to it’s many successes.

Ronald Lugya’s journey with URA FC is one of unwavering commitment. Over his 18-year tenure, he has witnessed and contributed to every major triumph of the club. His tenure coincides with the golden era of URA FC, marked by four Uganda Premier League (UPL) titles, two Uganda Cup victories, and a prestigious Mapinduzi Cup win. Lugya has seen the club grow and evolve, always playing a crucial role in it’s operations and successes.

Grateful and reflective, Lugya attributes his long stay at URA FC to several key principles: prayer, discipline, patience, and hard work.

“Everything I have achieved in life is because of URA FC,” he affirms, underscoring the deep bond he shares with the club. This bond has been further strengthened by the opportunities he’s had to travel beyond Uganda’s borders, visiting countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zanzibar. These experiences have broadened his horizons and enriched his life in ways he cherishes profoundly.

A pivotal figure in Lugya’s career has been the club manager, Sam Okabo, whom he describes as a father figure.

“If it wasn’t for him, maybe I wouldn’t have been at the club for this long,” Lugya acknowledges, expressing deep gratitude for Okabo’s mentorship and support. His respect and admiration for Okabo highlight the nurturing environment within URA FC that has allowed him to thrive.

Throughout his years at URA FC, Lugya has worked harmoniously with a host of coaches, including Moses Basena, Sam Ssimbwa, Alex Isabirye during his first stint, Kefa Kisala,David Obua and Paul Nkata. His ability to adapt and collaborate with different coaching styles and personalities is a testament to his professionalism and dedication.

Beyond his role as kits manager, Lugya is known for his multifaceted talents, particularly his singing. His melodious voice often lifts the spirits of the team during camp times, adding a unique layer to his contributions to the club.

As he reflects on his journey, Lugya offers advice to those aspiring to achieve their goals: be humble, hardworking, and patient. His own life is a shining example of these virtues, proving that success is not just about talent but also about character and perseverance.

Looking to the future, Ronald “Senior” Lugya remains committed to URA FC, vowing to serve the club with unwavering dedication “until his last breath.”

His story is a reminder that behind every great team are individuals whose passion and hard work lay the foundation for success. Lugya’s legacy at URA FC will undoubtedly inspire future generations.

John Bugembe
June 13, 2024

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