It is often a moment characterised by joy and ecstasy when a young player that has patiently gone through the ranks finally makes the shortlist to the senior team.

It is even a better feeling when the same young star makes his senior team debut. It mostly comes of a feeling of satisfaction, relief and gratitude. 

The description just about matches URA FC’s recent additions to the senior team for the forthcoming 2020/2021 season. These are Mpoza Steven (Midfielder), Akakwasa Alex (Defender), and Aluo John Kokus (Midfielder).

To be young is to be fearless, ambitious, and energetic. The youngsters unveiled by the club will look to add these qualities and more to the team as they seek to learn more from the seniors.

The forthcoming season will be a long and competitive one, therefore, justifying this drastic decision by the technical team. 

Alou John Kokus posing in the URA FC outfit.

Furthermore, the club is looking at player development as part of our heritage and something we hope to see through in the years to come. These young stars represent competition, something very good for the club.

The ultimate goal is to learn enough from the seniors so that once a chance presents itself, they are ruthless enough to take it so that one time, they get to cement a permanent position in the starting lineup.

This is what the gaffer had to say about them…

“The young players have been vetted well enough by the technical team before joining our senior team. They have an incredible opportunity to stamp authority in the team and we have trust in them to deliver.”

What they offer

Mpoza Steven & Alou Kokus

The two are modern-day midfielders that possess abilities in both defense and offense. They are quite good on the ball when the team is both in possession and conceding possession.

Alou often has a goal in him so expect a few goals from him when given an opportunity to play.

Key to their qualities however is their ability to pick out a pass in a way that is quite visionary. They will definitely compete for positions.

The two will help the team a lot especially when it gets to balance. Having players that will run for 90 minutes is always a blessing in disguise.

Mpoza Steven

Akakwasa Alex 

He is a defender therefore most importantly, his role will be providing security to our team especially when conceding possession.

Furthermore, Akakwasa can also play right-back or right-wing-back and that will definitely help the team going forward.

The aerial presence also can’t be ignored. He is notable for winning the second balls and aerial duels.

He will be instrumental to the team in the forthcoming season.

Akankwasa Alex

Congratulations boys…

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November 11, 2020